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Extreme Networks Alpine 3808 Backbone Switch 45080

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Artikel-Nummer: 14004207
Extreme Networks Alpine 3808 Backbone Switch 45080 PN: 802000-00-06 inkl. 7x FM-32Ti 45210 1x GM-4Xi 45112 1x SMMi 45014 2x PSU 45012
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Bezeichnung: Extreme Networks Alpine 3808 Backbone Switch 45080
Model: 45080
PN: 802000-00-06
Formfaktor: 12U Rack
Abmessungen (B x H x T): 43,9cm x 53,3cm x 28,9cm


7 x Extreme Networks FM-32Ti Fast Ethernet Switch 45210
Datendurchsatz: 10/100 Mbit
Anzahl der Ports (gesamt): 32x RJ-45 (224x RJ-45)
Schnittstellentyp: 100 Base-TX

1 x Extreme Networks GM-4Xi 1000Base-X Modul 45112
Anzahl der Ports: 4x 1000Base-X GBIC-based Ethernet inkl. 2x SX GBIC-Modul

1 x Extreme Networks SMMi Management Modul 45014
Anschlüsse: Console, Modem, Management (RJ-45)
Einschübe: PCMCIA

2x Extreme Networks Alpine 3800 PSU 45012


Fully redundant load-sharing power supplies
NEBS Level 3 compliance
Wire-speed IP/IPX routing using RIP v1/v2 OSPF, BGP4, PIM and DVMRP
Bidirectional rate shaping to provision and manage bandwidth by the slice from 500Kbps to 1Gbps
Built-in link redundancy offers active and backup data paths
Extreme Standby Router Protocol (ESRP) provides Layer 2 and Layer 3 redundancy for smart, ultra-fast failover to a default router or switch
Integrated server load balancing at wire speed greatly increases availability
Integrated transparent web cache redirection at wire speed optimizes the use of bandwidth
OSPF equal-cost multipath routing distributes traffic across multiple high bandwidth links
Policy-Based QoS at wire speed to allocate bandwidth, and prioritize traffic
Access Control Lists can be linked to a class of service, while performing Layer 1-4 packet-level security and controlling traffic flows-all at wire-speed
RADIUS offers authentication and centralized control over all enterprise users
Secure Shell (SSH2) encrypts remote telnet management connections applications across the network

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